AVMaxx Official 2020 DMC USA/Technics Filming Location

2020 DMC/Technics World DJ Championship Official Filming!

Through October 6th, twelve community driven DJ stores and schools welcome battle DJs to come through and film their routines on Technics MK7 turntables, the Pioneer S9 mixer with DAS Audio Altea speakers in front of an official 2020 DMC/Technics banner with all the logos (custom made for each location by Glowtronics)! DJs, please contact the store or school make an appointment to film. In absence of live events on big stages, this is as close we can get to the look of a live battle for each DJ!

There is no charge to film on the set but some locations are offering great rates if DJs want professional help with filming and/or editing! Some are also offering 15% off on merchandise or services!

Filming Services that AVMaxx will Offer

  • 1hr max to record / DJ responsible for filming - Free of charge
  • 1hr max to record / 1 angle / Syncing audio / finalizing video and providing to DJ - $100
  • 1hr max to record / 2 angles / Syncing audio / Editing / finalizing video and providing to DJ - $200
  • 1hr max to record / 3 angles / Syncing audio / Editing / finalizing video and providing to DJ - $400
Schedule your the filming of your routine at 773-930-3441 Between 10 to 6pm

COVID safety precautions are expected to be followed by both DJs and stores. Bring your own needles, headphones, vinyl, slipmats, laptop, etc. DJs don't have to wear a mask while filming but should have one on at all other times in the store or school. Each location will provide more details when you make an appointment.

DJs, please consider filming your set at one of our many locations, support the store or school and get some good deals.

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Official 2020 DMC USA Set Up: Technics SL1200MK7 Turntables, Pioneer DJM-S9 Mixer + DAS Audio Altea Speakers!
Official Setup of DMC

2020 DMC/Technics USA DJ Battle Schedule

Through Oct. 6: US DJs can upload their 2 min. elimination routines at
Sept. 23: 2020 DMC USA elimination videos go live!
Oct. 7: DMC USA eliminations end and judges pick their top 12 US Finalists.
Oct. 14: DMC USA finalists will be announced and can begin uploading their 4 min. finals routines
Oct. 21: 2020 DMC/Technics US Finals videos go live!
Oct. 28: DMC USA Top 3 Winners will be announced plus judges scores posted.
Oct. 28: DMC National Champions begin uploading their 2 min. World elimination routines.
Nov. 4: DMC World DJ Elimination videos go live at 4pm GMT
Nov.18: DMC World Elimination results will be announced.
Nov. 18: DMC World DJ Finalists can upload their 6 minute performance.
Nov. 25: 2020 DMC/Technics World DJ Final – LIVE STREAM at 4pm GMT
Nov 30: 2020 DMC/Technics World Champion will be announced!

Important Rule to Remember when Filming!
Video editing is not accepted meaning that DJs cannot edit two or more different performances into one set. There are no restrictions on creative film presentation for example: multi camera angles, blue screen techniques, video back-drop, etc. are all permitted BUT THE DJ must submit a non stop performance. Also, don't wait until the last minute to upload. Read more at

Prizes for the 2020 DMC USA DJ Finals

2020 DMC USA Champion wins
Technics MK7 Turntable + Technics TWS Headphone
Pioneer DJ Mixer
A pair of DAS Audio Altea-712A w/ Covers and Tripods (in a bag)
$$$ prize from Virtual DJ!

2020 DMC USA Runner Up wins
Technics SC-C50 All in one stereo + Technics TWS Headphone
Pioneer DDJ-XP2DJ controller

2020 DMC USA 3rd Place wins
Technics TWS Headphone
Pioneer DDJ-XP2 DJ controller

More prizes from more sponsors to be announced!

DMC USA is planning the National Scratch + Battle for US Supremacy categories for late December. Details to be announced!

2020 DMC/Technics World DJ Battle Schedule

DJ Battle Schedule for DMC Branches Worldwide 2020

2020 DMC/Technics World Prizes include

1st Place: Two Technics MK7 Turntables
2nd Place: One Technics MK7 Turntable
3rd Place: Technics DJ1200 Headphones + Technics True wireless Earphone Az70

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