Why Lighting Is Integral To Any Performance

Of all the aspects involved in stage productions, the lighting is decidedly the most often overlooked and simply taken for granted. Yet, the lighting used is one of the most important elements of the ambiance of any performance. The best use of lighting results in its complete lack of noticeability. Good lighting should never detract from the images that are to be illuminated. Good lighting is the most prominent influence in creating moods and environments that coincide with the intended goal of any production.
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The Best Light Shows On Music Tours

Music concerts are very sensory experiences, especially for some of the bands. They don't want to just blow out your eardrums with their music; they want you to have an immersive sensory experience that transcends just staying at home and listening to albums through your home stereo system.
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Portability Is King

Being mobile these days is king. Having the ability to move between locations with your equipment is seen as a huge benefit, and if you're a DJ you have no other choice. If you want to be taken seriously as a DJ you need to be able to bring your equipment to any location in order to stand out from crowd. In order to achieve this you need these pieces of equipment!
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