Why Lighting Is Integral To Any Performance

Of all the aspects involved in stage productions, the lighting is decidedly the most often overlooked and simply taken for granted. Yet, the lighting used is one of the most important elements of the ambiance of any performance. The best use of lighting results in its complete lack of noticeability. Good lighting should never detract from the images that are to be illuminated. Good lighting is the most prominent influence in creating moods and environments that coincide with the intended goal of any production.
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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Equipment?

The holiday season can be an especially busy time for the professional disc jockey. If you’ve build a good reputation and nice following in the past few years, you’ll likely find that your schedule books up fast and months in advance. With that thought in mind, it might be a good time to update or upgrade your equipment.
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Make Or Break The Party

As the one behind the music, you’re the one who will make or break the party – whether you’re the DJ at a wedding or a club, or the sound engineer for a band in a large or small venue.
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Top Tools For A Fitness Audio System

Great sound equipment isn’t only for DJs and event organizers. Fitness instructors can also benefit from a great sound system to create more excitement and energy in their classes. The right equipment can make the music really jump and can help instructors better motivate and communicate with their students.
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The History Behind DJ Equipment

The beginnings of recorded music lie in the late 1880s when the first device for recording and playing back sound was invented by Thomas Edison. The phonograph was a cylindrical machine that could play back recordings that had been embedded in tin foil. The technology was swiftly overtaken by a cut disc recording that was to be the first embodiment of the gramophone record that we are all familiar with. Within ten years of recording and playback technology being discovered, wax disks were being played and within another 15 years, the record as we know it was in mass production, taking pride of place in the world of sound recording. This is how the situation remained until a hundred years after the first phonograph recording, the compact disk pulled the rug from under the record's feet.
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The Best Light Shows On Music Tours

Music concerts are very sensory experiences, especially for some of the bands. They don't want to just blow out your eardrums with their music; they want you to have an immersive sensory experience that transcends just staying at home and listening to albums through your home stereo system.
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