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Active 2x18" Subwoofer with RDNet Control with two 18" neodymium woofers and 4.0" inside-out voice coils
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Capable of delivering 3600W RMS—and 7200W peak—the RCF SUB 9006-AS is an active subwoofer with two 18" neodymium woofers and 4.0" inside-out voice coils. As such, it can deliver plenty of heft and weight in the low frequencies, making it suitable for live sound applications, from clubs to ballrooms to houses of worship.

The RCF SUB 9006-AS puts out sound between 30 and 400 Hz, giving you a DSP-controlled input section. Here you'll find the ability to choose among presets and manipulate delay settings. The active 2x18" subwoofer can handle a maximum SPL of 142 dB, rendering it suitable for reasonably loud environs. XLR connections are provided, and input signals can be either balanced or unbalanced, further expanding the unit's versatility. To interface with RCF's RDnet monitor and control system, the RCF SUB 9006-AS sports Ethercon ports.

Controls are offered for Gain, EQ, Preset, Phase Switch, and Output Delay. The RCF SUB 9006-AS' cabinet is fashioned out of Baltic birch and capped with a steel grille. This active 2x18" subwoofer unit pairs well with RCF D-Line HDL50-A and HDL-10A array systems.

Top End Electronics

The amplifier integrates a low-noise 32-bit DSP circuit, controlled through the RCF proprietary RDNet network to easily handle the soft clipping limiters, RMS limits, polarity, amplitude, timing and equalisation. All the settings, monitoring and advanced features are available inside the RDNet Networked Management software. The available control panel on the back adjusts input sensitivity, Low Cut, Xover, volume, bypass, delay and presets selection. The regulated power supply guarantees full power from 100 V to 260 V. The amplifier houses on a unique Vibrostop floating aluminium panel for extra protection during transportation.

Hyper Ventilation System

RCF manufactures these components to deliver the cleanest, punchiest, and undistorted low frequencies reproduction. The cone is composed of 30% carbon fibre, 20% fibreglass and 50% cellulose pulp. This particular chemical composition has been carefully developed to improve the robustness and rigidness of the cone avoiding any deformation that would result in a loss of efficiency. The 4.0" inside/outside voice coil is wounded on a strong fibreglass former and guarantees a more efficient cooling. The former is internally and externally reinforced with Nomex that stiffen the overall structure for a better energy transfer between the voice coil and the body cone. In order to dissipate the heat generated by the powerful voice coil, RCF engineers have developed the unique Hyper Ventilation system with very low power compression. The cone is water resistant.

Stacking HDL 50-A or HDL 10-A

The cabinet is made of high quality birch plywood with every layer glued by a special water-resistant adhesive weatherproofing the cabinet. The heavily braced internal structure of the cabinet survives long-term use and transportation. Two separate acoustic chambers for the woofers and a separate housing for the amplifier guarantee the best components efficiency and reliability. Dual Stacking: horizontal to fit the HDL 50-A while the vertical fits HDL 10-A.


The heavy-duty powder coated front grille integrates a central reinforcement bar and a special transparent-to-sound foam backing on the inside helps to further protect the transducers from dust. The subs are stackable and light-weight, for easy set-up and tear down. The SUB 9007-AS and SUB 9006-AS are equipped with 8 aluminum handles (4 per side) with ergonomic rubber handgrip. The transportation is fast with the detachable Kart kit: a dolly caster-board with rugged tour grade casters and rotating cam mechanism.

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