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ProX XT-BT1208
ProX XT-BT1208

ProX XT-BT1208

12 Inch Bolted Box Pro Truss, 8ft Segment, 3mm Wall
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Brand: ProX Truss

ProX XT-BT1208

ProX XT-BT1208 8 Ft. BoltX Bolted 12" In. Professional Box Truss Segment | 3mm Wall

Professional Box Truss is designed and engineered for high quality and for many applications like stage lighting, concerts, Ninja Obstacle Course type construction, and similar uses. Setting ourselves apart from other box truss manufacturers BoltX has an innovative end plate designed and manufactured with heavy-duty aluminum material, welded on both sides, and our exclusive circular rings at each corner of the truss to reduce or eliminate damage to the main chord ends. Since box trussing is often dropped or is dragged along concrete floors, this design will substantially lessen the need for expensive repairs to the tubes from mishandling of the truss sections. Our outstanding quality control and manufacturing techniques assure excellent fitment at every connection to expedite your setups.

Compatible with most other 12" Professional Box Truss Manufacturers utilizing 6.75" bolt center pattern.

Each section of truss includes one set of Four 5/8" - 11 x 2.5" (NC) attachment bolts, nuts, flat and lock washers.


All bolts in a span of truss must face the same direction, and truss uprights need to have the bolts on top, nuts on the bottom. When you are tightening the bolts, always wrench down with your ratchet from the nut side, and only turn a few cranks past firm. Bolts should be inspected on a regular basis. Washers must be used on both sides of a connection. Bolt sets should be replaced periodically as normal use degrades the threads on both the bolt and the nut. If you over-tighten your bolts you risk seriously damaging or even breaking them. Remember that any time you are bolting truss, safety is of the highest importance. This is not a subject to be taken lightly. Before raising a bolted box truss build, one person should inspect all truss connections and the rigging.

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