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Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3

All-in-one Digital DJ System with 10.1" Touchscreen Display, 16 Performance Pads, rekordbox/Serato DJ Pro Software Support!
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2-channel all-in-one DJ Controller with 10.1-inch touch screen

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 is a 2-channel performance all-in-one DJ controller. It boasts flexibility and practicality while packing in a host of features that come straight from the club-standard CDJ-3000 multi player and DJM-900NXS2 mixer. With the brand-new 10.1-inch touch screen, you can instinctively browse playlists, mix tracks, and apply effects, and the unit?s refined design brings a pro look to your setup.

Prep your tracks in Pioneer's rekordbox software or mobile app and experience tight beat grid analysis, set up cues and loops, and more. You'll have more comprehensive visual feedback than ever with the XDJ-RX3's 10.1-inch touchscreen display. With its club-standard layout, responsive jog wheels, and ample onboard effects selection, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 sets a new standard for all-encompassing DJ systems.

If you're familiar with Pioneer digital DJ systems, then you're already good friends with rekordbox. But if you're new to this all-in-one DJ controller, you're in for a treat. Pioneer's rekordbox software is a super-handy environment that lets you prep your tracks for DJ playback on your XDJ-RX3, letting you tweak beat grids so they're perfect, drop in cues, pre-set loops (including ones at the end so you don't run out of music), add beat countdowns, analyze keys, and all that good stuff. And you can do all of this from your computer or your mobile device. The XDJ-RX3 also supports Serato DJ Pro software.

Once you've got your tunes prepped and loaded on your Pionner DJ XDJ-RX3 digital all-in-one DJ controller, the 10.1-inch touchscreen display becomes the center of your world. This screen merges the convenience and reliability of self-contained hardware with the intuitive visual feedback of DJ software. It offers the kind of supercharged workflow DJs used to dream of. Parallel waveform readouts make beat matching precise while allowing you to keep an eye on track length, scan ahead for different parts, check the key and bpm at a glance, and browse effortlessly. And you can use the Wave Zoom function to zoom in on the waveform at its current playback position.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 all-in-one DJ controller has a ton of cool capabilities to offer. For starters, it provides you with a hit list of features derived from the Nexus series of media players. Quantize lets you trigger cues and loops precisely on beat, whereas Beat Sync locks your tracks together across multiple decks. Then there's Slip Mode, which lets the track advance in the background when you reverse, loop, or scratch, so you'll always dismount back in place. On top of that, the XDJ-RX3 all-in-one DJ console includes a Loop Slice mode for cutting up loops and re-triggering them on the hot cue pads for on-the-fly remixing. And when you add in the amazing Sound Color FX and Beat FX, the creative possibilities are infinite.

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