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Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5
Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5

2-channel, 4-deck DJ Controller for rekordbox & Serato with Stems Control, Piano Play Mode, Auto BPM Transition, Deck Move, 16 Performance Pads, 3-band EQ, 2 USB-C, Adjustable Crossfader, 2 x Mic In, Talkover, and Serato DJ Pro/rekordbox Support
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DJ Controller Compatible with Serato & rekordbox with Track Separation

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 is the Newest 2-channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox. It offers an authentic scratch experience and a variety of innovative features to enable more creative, open-format DJ performances. The DDJ-REV5 is equipped with large jog wheels for intricate and precise scratching when used with the robust and slick MAGVEL FADER. Also, the long tempo sliders on the DDJ-REV5 run horizontally above the deck sections while the controller places the Performance Pads and Lever FX in the mixer section to emulate the setups preferred by open-format DJs around the world. It also includes unique Stems control buttons for live mashups and remixes to allow DJ to individually play or mute different parts of any track, such as drums or vocals. To enable creativity, the DDJ-REV5 features the first-ever Auto BPM Transition for seamless track mixing over a shift in BPM. This feature smoothly adjusts the tempo of a track over a specified number of beats so you’re totally free when choosing songs and never bound by BPM ranges. And the new Piano Play offers an immersive musical experience where you can trigger a cue point in different semitones, with the changes in pitch arranged on the 16 Performance Pads to recreate the layout of a piano’s keyboard.

Designed to Perform

When Pioneer DJ debuted its DDJ-REV series, the company delivered a flexible tool optimized for battles. While the DDJ-REV5 is a shoo-in for any battle, its array of versatile, cutting-edge performance features will guarantee victory in any musical arena. Sixteen performance pads provide a slew of opportunities, from the standard likes of Hot Cue, Roll Saved Loop, and Sampler functions to impressively flexible musical tools. The all-new Piano Play mode, for example, transforms the 16 pads into a series of cue-point triggers that are arranged by semitones and mapped to the buttons like the white and black keys of a piano. With three different scales available, you’ve got a completely new way to envision how your tracks and parts relate to one another. Furthermore, Combo Pad mode splits each deck’s eight respective pads into a customizable combination of performance modes.

Stem separation for uninhibited remix possibilities

The DDJ-REV5’s onboard compatibility with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox isn’t just for seamlessly moving between two USB-C-connected computers across both pieces of software. Dedicated, backlit pads are designed to provide instant access to stems from any track, broken out by vocals, drums, basses, and melodies when using Serato DJ Pro. With rekordbox, stems are separated by vocals, drums, and a more-inclusive instrument category. You’re even able to adjust the volume of and mute stems individually for dynamic, real-time mixing and mash-ups. Deck Move and Dual Deck modes grant even more flexibility: the former allowing you quick, one-button deck movement; the latter lets you control the two decks of each side simultaneously. Taken together, your creative potential for mind-melting remixes and mash-ups is virtually limitless.

Advanced transition control and inspiring arrangements

With the DDJ-REV5, Pioneer DJ sought to blend the tactility and ethos of analog-style open-format scratching with cutting-edge control. Each large jog wheel is textured to resemble a vinyl record, while the hyper-precise Magvel crossfader is constructed from rugged metal to hold up to the most aggressive beat juggling. The jog wheels can even be customized via the Jog Feel feature, allowing you to dial in the perfect weight for your style. With so many onboard performance tools to explore, you might find yourself wishing you had more hands. Fortunately, Pioneer DJ has yet another innovative tool to help with that: Auto bpm Transitioning. All you need to do is cue the number of bars for the transition to take place, select the starting point of the next track, and DDJ-REV5 does the rest, automatically adjusting the tempo at a rate consistent with the gap. Plus, Stems, Auto Loop, and Key Lock controls can be implemented with these transitions so you can get hands-on with the three dedicated FX slots, lever FX, per-deck 3-band EQ, multimode filters, or any other performance tool for complex, detailed, and explosive transitions.

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