Pioneer Releases New DDJ-FLX6

In the Peak of Covid-19, Pioneer DJ Releases the DDJ-FLX6, 4-channel Controller For Serato & rekordbox

The Covid-19 Pandemic did not stop Pioneer DJ, the innovative leader in DJ technology as today they announced the Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 4-channel controller for Serato DJ Pro & rekordbox. The DDJ-FLX6 is newest addition to its line of New Pioneer DJ Controllers. Featuring a host of new functions and re-imagined design. The DDJ-FLX6 unlocks DJ Performance modes in rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, offering an artist the freedom to choose which software application to run for free.
Pioneer DDJ-FLX6
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While the battle continues between Serato vs rekordbox, also being one of the few DJ Controllers Compatible with both Serato and rekordbox, One Noticeable and perhaps the Best Feature of this Controller is it's full-size jog wheels with LED Display. The CDJ Type Jog Wheels feature: track position display enables instinctive  music  manipulation. With the brand-new Jog-Cutter feature,  artists can quickly create a variety of slick scratch sounds by moving the jog wheel back and forth without ever touching the crossfader.

Another release that Pioneer has made prior to the DDJ-FLX6 is the launch of the DJM-S11. On this New Battle Mixer, One of the most time consuming tasks of a Battle DJ has now been resolved with The new pad mode called Scratch Bank. Scratch Bank: Rapidly Access Sounds from Serato DJ Pro enables users to instantly load scratch samples from fourbanks assigned in Serato DJ Pro by simply tapping a pad. This feature is what made DJ's around the world Buy the Pioneer DJM-S11 over the Rane Seventy MKII! This new controller comes with rekordbox Sample Scratch, a similar feature to Serato's Scratch Bank. With Sample Scratch, artists can take sounds assigned to the sampler and load them onto the decks to use with Jog Cutter. The DDJ-FLX6 offers four channels, allowing track play on decks one and two, and sample scratching on decks three and four.

Like if it matters, The DDJ-FLX6 design stands out as Pioneer DJ’s first controller featuring a new dark gray matte finish. But to compliment this New Color, the aesthetic needed a Scroll Knob above it's beautiful Jog Wheels.

Features Include

Merge FX: Dynamically Switch from One Track to the Next With a Single Action

Dynamically S witch from One Track to the Next With a Single Action Add drama to  sets and easily mix different styles of music with Merge FX. No matter the BPM or key the next track is, artists can create an exciting transition whenever they choose.  Artists s implypress the knob to  engage the effect, then turn it  as fast or as slow as desired to  build tension in the music. 

Depending on the chosen effect, the pitch of the track might climb, while a short intervalsnare drum sample plays until the artist is ready to drop the next song. When ready, artists can release the effect and quickly introduce the next song or genre of music by pressing the knob. Artists have eight Merge FX pattern presets to choose from when using rekordbox, and four when using Serato DJ Pro. Regardless of the software, artists have the freedom to use their own samples.  

When DJing from rekordbox, artists can choose from 41 types of effects within the fourcategories (Build FX, Build Sample, Release FX, and Drop Sample) making up one Merge FXand combine them to  create more than 9,000 different patterns. Artists can also save eight of theirown patterns and use the FX Select button on the unit to  cue whenever they wish to perform a unique mix.

Jog Cutter: Craft Pro-Sounding Scratch Effects One-Handed

Turn on Jog Cutter and move the jog wheel to  apply a professional scratch effect to the last Hot Cue or playback position used on the deck. Artists can choose from ten different scratch patterns, and quickly shift from one pattern to another by adjusting the play head position shown on the jog wheel display. After  lifting their hands away from the board, the track will continue to play as normal from the Hot Cue position.

Perform Intuitively: Full-size Jog Wheels with Track Position Display
The DDJ-FLX6 delivers natural feeling pitch bending and scratching with full-size jog wheels, same size as those on the flagship CDJ-3000 multi player. Each jog wheel features an On JogDisplay allowing artists to keep an eye on the playhead position.

Sample Scratch: Get Creative with Your Favorite Sounds

Sample Scratch is a brand-new pad mode in  rekordbox enabling artists to choose sounds assigned to the sampler and load them onto the decks. Sample Scratch empowers artists to add textures with their favorite sounds. Artists with Serato DJ Pro can use Scratch Bank to triggersamples by hitting the Performance Pads.

Play Freely: Plug and Play Compatibility with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro

With a built-in  sound card and support for the DJ Performance functions in  rekordbox and SeratoDJ Pro, the DDJ-FLX6 eliminates the need for a paid subscription. Simply connect the DDJ-FLX6via USB cable to  a laptop running either software application to  begin DJing. The new controlleralso includes license keys for the Serato DJ Pro FX Pack and Pitch ‘n  Time DJ Expansion Packs, allowing artists to  use advanced features, regardless of the software.

Other Features
  • USB Bus Powered
  • Built-in  Sound Card (Audio Interface)
  • Performance Pads
  • Class Compliant (No Drivers Needed)

Last but not Least, Yes it works with Virtual DJ but that's all on you!
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