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Mackie XR824
Mackie XR824

Mackie XR824

Professional 8-inch Professional Studio Monitor
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Mackie XR824

Reveal Your True Mix

You are passionate about your music, your projects and your mix. XR Series monitors reproduce your work with incredible accuracy and clarity across the entire frequency range bringing you closer to your mix than ever before.

A breath of fresh air

When diving into your mix, hearing every detail is essential. XR monitors deliver a level of detail and sensitivity that reveals things you didn’t know were in your mix before. Utilizing key technologies developed using Mackie's vast acoustic design experience, XR monitors translate your mix in a way that feels natural and accurate without the fatigue that other monitors can bring after long hours at the mixing desk.Experience unmatched clarity, accuracy and performance with XR Series Professional Studio Monitors.

The result of countless hours of tuning, listening and development, XR monitors deliver an accurate, flat response and professional level performance for modern studios.

Precise - Kevlar Woofer

XR series monitors are equipped with an extremely rigid, ultra-low distortion Kevlar woofer which maintains it's shape even under a high amount of stress. This provides fast recovery from transients and incredibly accurate, detailed low-end compared to typical woofer types.

Efficient - Set And Forget

The eco-friendly Auto On/Off puts the monitor in stand-by after a period of time with no signal and back on as soon as signal is present. And the front-panel LED, set to the perfect non-intrusive brightness level, provides visual feedback keeping you informed on the monitor’s status.

Stunning - A True Beauty

Not only do monitors need to sound good, but they need to look good as well. XR monitors feature our classic black wood grain finish that is a beautiful addition to any studio. The front baffle is the perfect balance of sleek looks and unobtrusive design. And on the rear panel, you get robust metal toggle switches for all controls including room optimization and power modes.

Isolation - High-Density Foam Pad Included

Two hard surfaces that are touching (bottom of the monitor and top of your desk) tend to not sound very good when one is vibrating, so XR monitors come with a high-quality foam isolation pad to reduce unwanted vibration. This helps to optimize the low-end even further for the best possible accuracy and focused sound. The pad also allows for easy tilting of the monitor so it is always pointing at the correct angle.

Clarity - Logarithmic Waveguide

The XR logarithmic waveguide matches the high-frequency dispersion pattern to that of the woofer for a seamless midrange transition. It also recesses the tweeter so that its active area is on the same axis with the woofer, providing acoustic alignment of high and low frequencies for the perfect balance between articulate highs and midrange clarity.

Performance - ELP Bass Reflex System

Engineered for serious professional level performance, the ELP Bass Reflex System utilizes an extended length, internally curved design and eliptical, zero-turbulence exit providing extended low frequency response and greatly increased output capability. This design enables you to hear all the deep low end in every mix, even at high volumes without any "air noise" that plagues typical ports.

Adapt - Room Optimization

XR monitors are easily adaptable to suit your mixing environment to ensure a flat frequency response with three adjustable filters.

  • Acoustic Space - Changes overall response to match most configurations.
  • HF filter -Helps match the monitor your particular room.
  • LF filter - Rolls off the low-end to simulate smaller desktop speakers.
Available in 6.5" and 8" models, XR monitors deliver the professional level performance and accuracy you need for your best mix ever.

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