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8 inch Two-Way Line-Array Loudspeaker from Industry Leader JBL

The JBL VRX-928LA is an 8 Inch Two-Way Line Array Loudspeaker System designed for use in arrays of up to six units. Equipped with JBL's exclusive neodymium magnet Differential Driver woofer for high power. There are also two patent-pending, high-frequency neodymium compression drivers.

The Constant Curvature waveguide mounts two compression speakers on a continuous arc. Adding additional speakers does not alter the arc, so all drivers work together as though they would be one single driver on a long waveguide. With amplitude shading you get the  perfect shape to your array.

The VRX-928LA can be mounted on a tripod, over the VRX915S, or use the integral rigging system. In fact, up to six VRX-928LA speakers can be mounted together in the same array for a  nominal vertical coverage of up to 90°.

High Power Capacity

This speaker takes advantage of JBL's exclusive neodymium magnet Differential Drive woofer so you get high power capacity in a surprisingly lightweight package.

Array Coherence
  • You get unprecedented array coherence with JBL's Constant Curvature waveguide.

Mounting Options
  • Built-in dual-angle pole socket gives you aiming flexibility when pole mounting and the integral rigging hardware provides simplified connection of enclosures and optional array frame.

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