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DAS Audio Event 26a & 115a Line Array
DAS Audio Event 26a & 115a Line Array System

DAS Audio Event 26a & 115a Line Array

Line Array System, with 8 Ultra Small Event 26a & 4 Powerful Event 115a Active Subwoofers, Offering extraordinary performance and reliability!
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Line Array System, Compact Design that delivers Huge Power!

The DAS Audio Event 26a + DAS 115a make a Compact Line Array that consist of 8 DAS Audio Event 26A Line Array Module & 4 DAS Audio Event 115a Flyable Powered Subs. Guaranteed Quick deployment, High-efficiency Audio and User Friendly System configuration! Small to Large Scale Events, The Event 26a & 115a includes all of the great features of Large PA Speaker System and Guarantees to Satisfy every inch with a Pristine and Precise Sound!

The EVENT-26A is a symmetrical, ultra-compact, two-way powered line array system. Designed by DAS engineers to deliver stunning performance and exceptional ease-of-use, the stylish polypropylene cabinet design makes this performance speaker system highly portable and road-worthy. A comprehensive range of accessories makes the EVENT-26A ideal for small to mid-size rental and installation applications.

The EVENT-26A combines two 6.5 Inch transducers and a single M-60 compression driver in a rugged yet lightweight polymer cabinet. The symmetric ?V? shaped configuration of the cone transducers provides consistent 100§ of horizontal coverage down to 200 Hz. The M-60 compression driver is coupled to an advanced waveguide design that provides control of the vertical dispersion as well as precise coupling between units when used in vertical arrays.

Powered by a two-channel Class D amplifier providing 800 Wpeak power, the amp?s rear panel includes quality Neutrik® XLR and powerCON connectors. The DAScontrolTM interface makes the preset selection for the number of units in the array both fast and simple. An onboard DSP featuring a 24-bit high-end processor handles X-over, EQ, delay, and limiter functions. The powerful FIR filtering technology incorporated in the EVENT-26A offers constant phase response which translates to transparent sound and exceptional clarity, improving the listening experience.

Streamlined deployment of EVENT-26A arrays is possible thanks to the innovative FSSTM (Fast Set Splay) rigging system developed to permit angle selection while stacked on dollies. The stainless-steel rigging hardware allows flown arrays of up to 16 units in 1§ steps from 0§ to 10§. Low-frequency reinforcement for the EVENT-26A is provided by its flyable companion subwoofer the EVENT-115A.

To assure that your are you using the Event 26a to it's best capabilities make sure that you add a loudspeaker system management processor which uses digital signal processing in order to accomplish the functions of crossover, equalizer, limiter, and delay unit. AVMaxx sound engineers highly recommend to use the DAS Audio DSP-226 (Sold Separately) Sound Processor.

On smaller events it's not required to use all Speakers the are included in this line array pa system. You can also using the following Configurations:

1 Event 26a & 1 Event 115a  (Per Side)
2 Event 26a & 1 Event 115a  (Per Side)
3 Event 26a & 2 Event 115a  (Per Side)

The DAS Audio115A is a Small Powered Subwoofer that uses a front-loaded 15? low frequency transducer developed by DAS. Designed as the companion subwoofer for the EVENT-26A, they share a compatible rigging system which allows the EVENT-26A to be flown from or stacked above the DAS 115A.

The 15FW4 15 Inch loudspeaker used in the DAS 115A has been engineered by DAS to provide outstanding performance and reliability. The 15FW4 speaker design has been optimized using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and incorporates an extended 3 Inch voice coil for high-efficiency and long excursion offering a power handling capacity of 1200 Wprogram. Efficient cooling is assured thanks to the 15FW4?s vented pole piece and abundant apertures in the speaker?s back plate keeping power compression to a minimum while providing high acoustic output over extended periods.
Driving the DAS 15FW4 loudspeaker is a cutting-edge 1200 Wpeak Class D amplifier. On the rear panel, quality Neutrik® XLR input connectors and stereo ?loop thru? output connections are available to provide signal for the EVENT-26A systems. Thanks to the digital presets accessible by way of the DAScontrol? interface on the rear of the cabinet, set-up of a complete systems is extremely easy.

The DAS 115A cabinet is constructed from Birch plywood using a robust enclosure design and finished with the DAS ISO-flex protective coating for extended durability. The rigging hardware is compatible with the EVENT-26A allowing it to be flown directly below or stacked above the subwoofer unit. A top located pole mount socket is available allowing the EVENT-26A to be used in a combo configuration.

AVMaxx will Provide you with Full Technical Support when Required. Visit us to demo the DAS Audio Event 26a & DAS 115a Line Array System in Chicago!

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