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AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo
AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo

AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo

2-deck DJ Controller with Touchscreen, 8 Per-deck Hot Cues, 6 x Sound Color FX, 8 Beat FX, 3-band EQ, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Bluetooth I/O, Stereo XLR Out, Stereo RCA Out, 2 Stereo Headphone Outs
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Free Technical Support lithium-ion battery for up to 5 hours
Warranty rekordbox Compatible (Serato Support Available Soon)
UPC: 841300102441
Brand: AlphaTheta

Battery Powered All in One DJ Controller

Introducing the AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo, the latest innovation in portable DJ systems. Unleash the power of decades of DJ technology in a compact unit that delivers unparalleled performance, all while ensuring true mobile autonomy and exceptional audio quality. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery offering up to five hours of non-stop mixing, the Omnis-Duo sets a new standard in versatility and convenience. 

Just Plug in a USB Drive (Type-A ) or SD Card straight into the OMNIS-DUO and Start Mixing! Or hook it up to a PC/Mac via the USB Type-C terminal if you want to use rekordbox! Support for Serato DJ Lite will also be available.

Navigate your beats effortlessly with per-deck Hot Cues and a vibrant full-color touchscreen. Explore voltaic effects and master detailed beat-juggling tools to elevate your DJ experience. The Omnis-Duo goes beyond expectations with a range of wired and wireless connectivity options that have left AVMaxx's DJs in awe. Experience the convenience of an industry-first 2-way Bluetooth connection, allowing you to cue tracks from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Say goodbye to cords and hello to freedom with AlphaTheta's cutting-edge SonicLink wireless technology, providing ultra-low-latency cable-free DJing. Pair your Omnis-Duo with the Wave-Eight speaker for an immersive audio experience, turning any environment into a dynamic dancefloor. Whether you're creating beats by the beach, hosting desert-island discos, or mixing on mountain tops, the choice is yours with Omnis-Duo. Elevate your DJ game and embrace the ultimate in portable entertainment.

Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese craftsmanship with the Omni-Duo, where precision, quality, and meticulous attention to detail converge. Echoing the style-rich culture of Japan, the Omni-Duo's captivating finish pays homage to one of the country's most celebrated sartorial exports: denim. Yet, the distinctive hue is just the surface of this spectrum-spanning device.

Unleash your creativity with six dynamic Sound Color FX for each deck, featuring multimode encoders that add endless shades of multidimensional texturization to your sounds. Elevate your mixing experience with eight Beat FX, eight customizable Hot Cues, and a 3-band EQ, complemented by detailed Trim controls for each deck. This comprehensive sound-shaping suite ensures that each track seamlessly weaves into the ultimate, evocative mix.

Experience tactile precision with crafted pads, buttons, knobs, and encoders, allowing confident, hands-on tweaking down to the smallest details. The full-color touchscreen serves as your command center, displaying track info, waveform progression, effects, connectivity statuses, and the multi-source browser. The Omni-Duo is more than a DJ tool; it's a masterpiece of design and functionality, bringing the art of Japanese craftsmanship to the forefront of your musical journey.

Step into the future of connectivity with the Omnis-Duo – where cutting-edge technology meets wireless freedom.

Crafting the perfect set list can be a challenge, with the constant juggle of expected requests and a myriad of tracks that need to seamlessly blend. AlphaTheta understands this struggle, and the Omnis-Duo is here with a range of wireless connectivity options to offer flexible and powerful solutions. Introducing Bluetooth Playback, an industry-first feature that lets you seamlessly integrate tracks in real time from any Bluetooth-capable device. Your queue transforms instantly, ready to harness the full power of the Omnis-Duo's formidable DJ suite. Whether it's EQ adjustments, level tweaks, tempo changes, scratching, Hot Cues, or a variety of effects – everything is at your fingertips. So, the next time someone throws in a request, you've got it covered.

But what if the desired song isn't on a nearby device? Enter the Omnis-Duo's Wi-Fi capabilities, providing an additional avenue for track management. Connect effortlessly with Mac/PC desktops, laptops, smart devices, or even the cloud. The possibilities are endless.

And for the ultimate in wire-free DJing, the Omnis-Duo incorporates onboard SonicLink wireless technology. Experience near-imperceptible latency, ensuring an unmatched and truly autonomous DJing experience. Cut the cords, embrace the future – the Omnis-Duo sets you free.

Embrace the Best of Wired and Wireless Options

While the Omnis-Duo boasts impressive wireless capabilities, AlphaTheta recognizes that versatility is key. The device is designed to cater to different preferences and scenarios by offering a range of wired connections with flexible creative potential.

At the forefront of wired connectivity are the two headphone outputs conveniently placed on the front panel. Choose between the 1/4-inch and 3.5-millimeter options, both delivering complete stereo playback with independently adjustable levels. This feature ensures a premium experience for back-to-back performances, allowing each performer to fine-tune their audio to perfection.

Double up on connectivity with the dual microphone inputs, featuring a 1/4-inch/XLR combo jack and a 1/4-inch TRS jack. Surface-mounted volume knobs for each microphone provide easy control. Rear-mounted connectors are thoughtfully accompanied by dedicated attenuators, ensuring a balanced and professional audio output.

Experience flexibility with two sets of high-quality stereo output pairs, available in XLR and RCA varieties. This allows for versatile playback configurations, accommodating any Booth arrangement with ease. Omnis-Duo goes above and beyond by providing three Source ports to support various performance styles. These include an SD card slot, a USB-A port, and a USB-C port – the latter offering streamlined integration of computers and smart devices, expanding your DJ toolkit for enhanced creativity and convenience. Plug in and explore the limitless possibilities with Omnis-Duo's comprehensive connectivity options.

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