Great sound equipment isn’t only for DJs and event organizers. Fitness instructors can also benefit from a great sound system to create more excitement and energy in their classes. The right equipment can make the music really jump and can help instructors better motivate and communicate with their students.

If you are a fitness instructor, consider these top tools for setting up your classroom’s audio system:

Control Center

The key to your whole system is the control center. You can use it to play the radio or play CDs that you choose or create yourself. The right system will include advanced tools that allow you to seamlessly move between songs ad CDs without having to disrupt your routine. The right system will even allow you to create special effects for the music.


Even with the right music, you won’t be able to get your class moving without a good set of speakers. The right speakers will be able to deliver powerful sound without blowing it out. The right speakers will also create an even distribution of sound throughout the room. Invest in a set of floor speakers to maintain portability.


As a fitness instructor, you have to give the commands for the workout. Trying to yell over the music will not only strain your vocal chords but will also prove to be an exercise in futility. You need a good headset with a microphone so you can amplify your voice over the music and be heard easily. The headset will make it easier to hold even while you are jumping around the room or cycling at top speeds.

Getting the right sound equipment is essential for operating a successful fitness class. Consider getting these top tools for your fitness audio system.

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