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Samson 7Kit
Samson 7Kit

Samson 7Kit

Drum Kit 3 x QTOM mics with rim clips, 2 C02 pencil condenser mics with shock-mount clips, Gold-plated XLR connectors, Road case included
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Samson 7Kit Features:

Samson?s 7KIT 7-piece Drum Mic Set offers everything you need to mic a full drum kit. As each drum kit is unique, the 7KIT has been designed to provide drummers with a complete solution for capturing the sound they crave.

The 7KIT includes a QKICK mic for the bass drum, a QSNARE mic for the snare and three QTOM mics for the tom-toms. Each mic element is constructed with neodymium and precise capsule porting, producing a carefully contoured frequency response for the specific drum. Thunderous low end from the bass drum, crisp and punchy attack from the snare and thick, defined tom-tom sounds are easily captured with this powerful collection of percussion mics. Also, a matched pair of C02 pencil condenser mics has been included to capture the brilliance of your cymbals and the overall ambient sound of your drum set.

In addition to great sound, the Q mics offer integral mounting systems for optimal mic placement. The QKICK comes with a swivel mount that can be attached to any standard mic stand, while the QSNARE and QTOMs feature mounting clips that easily install on any standard drum rim. These multi-adjustable clips allow you to carefully position the mics without using external mic stands.

Thanks to its incredible sound capabilities and versatile mounting solutions, the 7KIT 7-piece Drum Mic Set is what drummers use to elevate their performance live and in the studio

  • 7-piece drum mic kit
  • One QKICK mic with mic stand swivel mount
  • One QSNARE mic with rim clip
  • Three QTOM mics with rim clips
  • Two C02 pencil condenser mics with shock-mount clips
  • Gold-plated XLR connectors
  • Road case included

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