1. Odyssey FRAR8E
Odyssey FRAR8E
Odyssey FRAR8E

Odyssey FRAR8E

Amplifier Rack
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Odyssey FRAR8E Features:
FRAR8E - 8 Space Medium Duty Amp Case

Odyssey's new "Flight Ready® E Series" cases were introduced in 2008. Since then, there has been so much interest and demand for them that in 2009 we added even more new and exciting additions to this family of medium duty racks and cases. Further expanding the popular line, we now feature new amp rack and mixer case models. Each model is made of either 1/4" or combination of 1/4" and 3/8" black wood laminate construction with all chrome plated steel hardware for that look and feel of a true ATA flight case. Odyssey's Flight Ready® "FR" line is the best ATA case series to introduce to your customers on a budget.

Features and Specs:

? Rail to Rail 16.375"
? Front and rear removable lids with 2.5" interior depth
? Front and rear rack rail
? Four Pad lockable latches
? Four recessed handles
? Medium duty stackable corners

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