These days music is simply background noise to go along with you throughout your day without being in absolute silence. For many it is the playlist that the corporation sends to their stores to play on an infinite loop and drive their employees mad. Music these days is being used outside of its intended purpose, and that is to be experienced actively. So many times in our day we are bombarded by music to the point that it no longer registers that it is even playing in our minds most of the time. We have become almost nub to the feeling that music is supposed to provide for us while we are participating in that moment.

Music is a lot like movies, you need to pay attention to what is happening in order to understand and feel the emotional impact of the moment that is happening right in front of you. Music is all about the moment. It can help emphasis the importance of a day, it can bring you back to the moment before you embarked on a legendary journey, and it can even bring back memories that have long since eroded. You see, many people who have Alzheimers can be brought back to a lucid state by simply playing music from their childhood. They can answer questions, participate in conversation, and all because their minds are able to work better when it listens a familiar tune.

This is the importance of music, it connects to any individual that listens to it without having to even know the words for it. Case in point, 99 Red Balloons, is a rather famous song from the 80's and it is sung in German. The members of the band were rather surprised when they found out that the American audience did not like the English version of the song, but rather the original German. This is because people loved how the song made them feel, rather than what it was actually about.

Music is a connective piece of tissue that everyone understands. It's what makes us human and we need to remember that this is just as important as Math or the Sciences.

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