While presiding over a musical event, it is important to get the lighting spot on. A well-lit stage significantly adds to the overall ambience of the venue. It helps to create the right kind of atmosphere that draws the audience in on the music. Here are some tricks to help you derive the best out of your equipment.

Intelligent Lighting

This involves the use of LED lights, which have the ability to change colors as and when needed. Traditionally, light technicians used to add colored panels in front of the lights to create a variety of effects. With LED lights, the lighting can be controlled from a remote console. During the different stages in a DJ’s performance, the technician can now effectively control the flow of light. For instance, when the music is being played in loops, the lights can slowly be made to focus towards the artist as and when he increases the tempo. People often tend to look at the DJ when the tempo gathers pace and the technician here can create a little light show of his own to amplify the overall impact.

Work the Angles

As the crowd is dancing to the tunes, it is also important to light dance stage appropriately. The best lit venues for dance music are neither too bright nor too dark. It is crucial that the crowd feels comfortable while letting their hand down. Combine the use of both front lights and backlights to create the necessary mood and depth. Work out the different angles prior to the event and have a general idea and how to go about the entire process. It may also be a good idea to request the DJ to give you a compilation of the set he plans to play for the audience. Understanding the genre of the music can is often the first to step getting the basics of lighting right at a musical event.

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