1. Darklight Precision Z Spot
Darklight Precision Z Spot
Darklight Precision Z Spot

Darklight Precision Z Spot

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Darklight Precision Z Spot Features:
The Precision Z Spotlight produces a concentrated point-source light equivalent to traditional 20W halogen fixtures in a highly energy and space efficient package. The luminaire?s modular design allows it to be swapped with other fixtures without the hassle of cutting wires, allowing for fast design changes and reconfiguration. The industrially designed machined aluminum chassis gives the Precision Z an elegant form yet functions as a rugged shell and heat sink to protect the LED and core electronics even in outdoor and underwater environments. Internal driver circuitry ensures constant output over a wide range of input voltage and extends the LED life beyond 50,000 hours.
  • Perfect for space constrained applications
  • Available in a range of rich colors
  • 95% energy savings compared to 20W halogen lamp
  • Low voltage and minimal heat for improved safety over incandescent sources
  • Internal constant current driver gives highly efficient and consistent output
  • 2 wire dimming using PWM input (10%-100%)
  • Easy installation and reconfiguration
  • Dual polarity input
  • Minimal maintenance required with over 50,000 hour lamp life
  • Indoor and outdoor use
Input 12V
Power Rating 1.4W (12V @ 120mA)
LED  Edison Edixeon A
Lamp Life 50,000 hours
Output Cool White
Total Lumen Output: 71.5 Lumens
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 6512 K
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 75.54
Distance Center Beam fc Beam Width
2 ft 131.5 fc 0.6 ft
4 ft 32.9 fc 1.2 ft
6 ft 14.6 fc 1.8 ft
8 ft 8.2 fc 2.4 ft
10 ft 5.3 fc 2.9 ft

Warm White
Total Lumen Output: 52.0 Lumens
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 3277 K
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 93.10

Distance Center Beam fc Beam Width
2 ft 89.9 fc 0.6 ft
4 ft 22.4 fc 1.3 ft
6 ft 10.0 fc 1.9 ft
8 ft 5.6 fc 2.5 ft
10 ft 3.6 fc 3.2 ft
Available Colors Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cool White, Warm White, Ultraviolet
Dimming PWM
Lens Angle 15ø
Beam Edge Medium
Dimensions 30mm ? x 40.5mm
Lead Wire Length 500mm
Connector Type 2.1mm ID / 5.5mm OD DC jack
Exterior Finish Black anodized aluminum
IP Rating IP68 ? 3ft

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