Dancers need music.  Dance and music go hand in hand, much the same way as Oreos go with a cold glass of milk, and one would not be the same without the other. They are a pair like a couple that has been married for centuries.

Dance studios house the creativity and artistry of dancers. Any dance instructor knows that they must have the right music to keep their students moving and interested.  The need for music in any form of dance is clear.  Imagine a dancer trying to time their steps without music or how boring a music free performance would be to watch.

Ballet music is often soft and magical.  Upon entering a ballet studio, you are likely to be welcomed into a room filled with the enchanting tones of classical greats like Strauss and Tchaikovsky.

Jazz is more rhythmic and upbeat with a bluesy sound. A jazz class will be bursting with energy and vibrancy.

Like the dance styles themselves, Salsa or Latin dance music is sensual and exotic and fast paced. The dance styles are very physical and playful.

Many people think of country music as a telling of sob stories, or drunken fights; the old story of “my dog died, my wife left me for my best friend” type of thing. Country has come a long way in the past quarter of a century. With a more pop tone to the current genre, the music is fresh and fun and the moves are clean and smooth.

No matter what kind of dance is being taught, a studio filled with music is the key. The sounds and vibrations of music encourage dancers’ in the art of movement. The world needs the art of dance, dancers need music and studios need music equipment from AV Maxx.

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