Audio work is one of the more expensive industries to break into from scratch. Whether you're an audio designer or a DJ you'll need to own some specific pieces of equipment in order to take yourself serious in regards toward your craft. Today we are going to talk about the DJ side of the business and list why you'll need the following pieces.

Best check this list son!

CD Players

Yes, these are still used, they are also extremely important because if you are taking on a job that has a specific playlist the client will make you a CD more than likely to play. The professional grade DJ CD players allow you to control the output from the device and improve the audio quality for these pieces of music.

DJ Speakers

These are not your typical speakers. They are not the simple floor standing speakers from your parents den. These speakers have a high output and can crank up the volume when asked at a moments notice. They are also built to be a bit more durable than their consumer counter-parts. You will need a set of these in order to even take yourself serious as a DJ.


The DJ brings the party and the lighting is the most important aspect that they do bring. Lighting allows you to set the mood of the evening or even a set and give people the ques they need to get their groove on.

We offer these pieces of equipment at a great price and they are top of the line. We even have a great set of packages for you to choose from in our inventory. Also, we get that some of you are trying this out, so we do offer rental packages and used equipment so you can try it out without investing a whole lot into it.

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