Chauvet DJ GigBar Move All In One DJ Lighting System That Rocks!

The Chauvet DJ GigBar Move is the latest 5 in 1 Fixture to CHAUVET DJ's GigBAR Series of all in one, portable, easy-to-use lighting rigs. Introduced at NAMM 2020 and Based on previous Legacy Model, GigBAR Move features electrifying lighting effects that will captivate your audience at your Next Gig.

GigBAR Move, So Different from other models.

The new GigBAR Move includes five lighting features in house portable housing. Copying features from previous models, this DJ Lighting Bar offers: laser, strobe e, derbie Effect and LED Par Wash Effect. It also offers UV LEDs illuminate the dance floor further by making fluorescent objects Glow in the Dark. Each effect will add wide coverage angles and throw distances that make the any Size Room light up.

Now with 2 Moving Heads!

2 Moving Heads make the GigBar the Best Portable DJ Lighting System for it's Price. Both Moving Heads are featured-packed with options like: 360° Tilt plus 720° rotation, built-in Totem mode, separate color and gobo wheels for extra customization. By adding a DMX Controller you can position the Moving Heads to Any Color, Gobo Desired while other fixtures on off or stand by mode!

Individually Control all of the Fixtures!

In fact, every lighting feature on the GigBAR Move can be individualized for a show that works perfectly with any set. When used with DMX Software or Controller you can program using Presets or Individual Effects!

Fast and Easy set up on your Next Gig

Setting up the GigBAR Move is hassle Free! Very little work is required because of it's Pre-Mounted fixture configuration of the bar. Up and running in Seconds. Simply attach the lighting bar to the included tripod base, Plug the Power Cord and you are all Set. Or connect the wireless footswitch, plug it in and let the Lights Take Control. GigBAR Move comes highly recommended for any events like: Weddings, Corporate Events, Graduations, Birthdays or parties that require instant set up and fast breakdown. The GigBAR Move includes a Nice transportation bag and Tripod with Tripod Bag.

Incredible Wide Coverage

While 1 of the GigBar Move is enough to do a Party, using 2 of them will give you an outstanding Show that is well-suited for both small and large venues. By linking 2 or more units together, it will give you a complete synchronized, Bold Coordinated DJ Light Show that is Guaranteed to please even your most demanding needs!

Stand-alone Mode and DMX Control

When it comes to operating, there’s plenty of options for a performer to personalize how they use GigBAR Move. The majority of performers will prefer using stand-alone mode, which can be either automated or sound-activated. In stand-alone mode, performers have the option of connecting the wireless footswitch to their GigBAR Move for hands-free operation. Also optional is the included IRC-6 remote, which offers another wireless option. When using multiple GigBAR Moves together, it’s also possible to control them with a single remote or footswitch using a DMX cable to connect the units. Speaking of DMX, the GigBAR Move also offers DMX control for performers looking for further customization over their set.

Chauvet DJ GigBar Move

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