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Behringer 215d and B1800XP Complete DJ System
Behringer 215d and B1800XP Complete DJ System

Behringer 215d and B1800XP Complete DJ System

3000 Total Watt Complete DJ System with Entry Level DJ Controller, 3ft Totem and Medium size LED Moving Heads!
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Behringer 215d and B1800XP Complete DJ System

With 3000 Watts of Total Power, the Behringer 215d and B1800XP Complete DJ System is guaranteed to be the Best Entry Level DJ Set Up. Featuring 40w LED Moving head that will amaze the crowd in any size event. Touch of elegance with the included 3ft Totem system while Dropping the Beats with Pioneer's DDJ-SB3 Serato DJ Lite Software!

The Behringer Eurolive B215D powered PA speaker puts out big sound at an affordable price tag. Featuring an power-to-weight ratio and built-in sound processing, the B215Ds pack a punch yet are easy to transport. The cabinet design can be laid on its side for use as a stage monitor. It even makes a great single-speaker PA for public address or background music - just connect a microphone or music player and you're ready to go. Built-in technology prevent overloads so that you always get a consistent sound from the Behringer Eurolive B215D speakers.

With subs as intelligent, high-performance, and lightweight as the Behringer Eurolive B1800XP, it's never been easier to add big bass and hard-hitting low end to your live rig. Gone are the days of pairing the right amp with the right speaker and tuning the crossover just so. The Eurolive B1800XP is not only affordable and loud enough to cover a range of live sound needs, but it also pairs easily with any Eurolive 2-way loudspeaker. The compact Class D amp pumps 3000 watts into the capable 18", British-designed Turbosound speaker to fill a room. Moreover, features like a tunable Bass Boost and Phase switches will have you sounding your best from venue to venue.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3, designed for dedicated use with Serato DJ Lite (previously known as Serato DJ Intro). The new controller offers an intuitive interface for beginner DJs to craft professional performances and improve their skills. The DDJ-SB3 improves on the renowned DDJ-SB2, which gained a strong reputation with a wide range of DJs – from beginners to pros – thanks to its combination of professional features and easy portability. The interface of the DDJ-SB3 is even more intuitive to use than its predecessors, inheriting traits from the layouts of the top models in the DDJ-S series including the introduction of the dedicated play and cue buttons, and the independent Auto Loop button. In collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff, we’ve created Pad Scratch. The brand-new feature on the DDJ-SB3 enables you to reproduce scratches based on the legendary hip hop DJ’s own recordings by simply pressing the Performance Pads. Plus, smooth mixing is a breeze thanks to another new feature, FX Fade. You can use these features to create a professional performance, even if it’s your first time behind the decks.

Intimidator Spot 155
Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 155 is a bright, compact, and lightweight LED moving head, perfect for mobile applications. Rely on it to energize any dance floor with fast and precise movements, crisp optics and even output. Built-in performance features like separate color and gobo wheels, ultrasmooth dimming and adjustable strobe speed enhance any light show. Minimize programming time with built-in movement macros, move-in-black features and sound-activated and automated programs that can generate a synchronized show in master/slave mode. This user-friendly fixture also offers individual reset of pan/tilt, color, and gobo. Multiple units can be power linked to save time running cables and extension cords. Fits best in the CHS-X5X VIP Gear Bag.

ilumenatrix 3ft Totem
The ilumenatatrix 1M Totem 2PK is a professional high tech design upright display structure that is simple to set up, built rock solid and requires no additional support. Place lights inside or outside the truss framework depending on your needs. Use in conjunction with Truss Wraps to create an eye catching, dramatic lighting display that will leave your crowd in awe! Totems can also be used for mounting video screens used in sports bars and more. Totems are ideal for clubs, bars, hotels, weddings/formal events and restaurants. Features include: Industrial grade trussing and sturdy baseplate for optimum support.

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