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Allen & Heath PL6
Allen & Heath PL6

Allen & Heath PL6

A-Net Remote Control
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Allen & Heath PL6 Features:

The PL-6 is one of several remote control devices available for the iDR audio mix processor system. It is part of the Allen & Heath PL Series of wall plates and remote controllers. It can be mounted into a plinth or custom furniture, or used free standing. A suitable template with cutting details is provided for custom application. The PL-6 interfaces with the Allen & Heath PL-Anet serial port. Multiple PL-6 units can be daisy chained together along with other PL-Anet devices using CAT5 cable. A terminator is provided for plugging into the last unit in the chain. The PL-6 control and indicator functions are programmed using the iDR System Manager software. Space is provided next to the controls for custom labelling. The PL-6 is ideal as a remote mix controller, for example as a simple operator controlled fader panel in an installed sound system, or as a personal musicians on-stage mix controller with in-ear monitors. The installer can program the unit according to the requirements of the application, providing the degree of control needed by the day to day operator.

8 Faders can be configured individually for input, output, group or crosspoint level control. Minimum and maximum ranges can be set. 16 Switches, arranged as two per fader, can be configured as combinations of level up/down, mute toggle, polarity toggle, audio monitor select, or patch recall. 24 LED indicators, arranged as three per fader, can be configured as combinations of 3 colour signal meters, mute status, or patch related 3 colour LED indication. Controls can be configured as unused if not required. A single 3 colour Status LED displays PL-Anet power and communication status. Custom labels can be fitted into the recessed areas provided. Recommended height is 6mm.

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