Even the most experienced DJ’s end up playing to a crowd who will simply defy expectations every once in a while. If you feel that you are playing for an audience who have trouble moving their feet, ensure that you have some tricks up your sleeve. Here are a few tips to get the most stubborn feet moving on a dance floor.

Secret set of Tracks

All DJ’s need to come up with a secret compilation of tracks which you can use when confronted with a limp crowd. You should make it a point to use these tracks only when the crowd is unresponsive to your usual playlists. As part of a rule, it would be wise to include a few tracks that have been chartbusters, something the audience can easily identify. This should get their feet moving. Intersperse the other half of the set with unknown gems which you came upon yourself by chance. The combination of the known and the unknown often creates magic on the dance floor.

Be Familiar with Musical Genres

People tend to become more conscious as they get older. If you are playing at an event with older people, it would help to play tracks or a genre of music that they are deeply familiar with. DJ’s need to constantly keep updating themselves with various musical genres. This will enable them to play to a broader audience base. Familiarity with different kinds of music will also help you to swiftly change tracks after gauging the audience’s reactions.

Get the Girls to Dance

When the crowd in front of you is not very forthcoming, get the girls to dance. When girls are seen to be enjoying themselves on the dance floor, it can be considered as an encouraging sign. If you can achieve that, the boys will soon follow suit and you will suddenly notice that the party just came alive. Once a group starts dancing, it will slowly draw others to the dance floor as well.

Gauge the Audience

A DJ can get a good vibe by gauging the reactions of the audience. Each track that is being played will elicit a certain response from the crowd. This should give you good idea on their overall taste in music. Once you have figured that out, you can play a new set of tracks to keep the audience interested.


Some DJ’s are particular about not taking requests from the audience. This can work both ways and is entirely up to the individual. But when you are faced with a tough crowd, it might be a good idea to take in requests from the crowd. It may just be the thing that opens up the audience for a night they would want to remember for a long time.

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